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When it comes to fireplaces, there is an age old question that persists:

Gas or wood burning?

Many people today prefer the cleanliness and efficiency of a gas-burning fireplace. While purists and traditionalists like the crackle and smell of a wood burning fireplace.

Although there is no right answer in this debate – and it comes down to personal preference — the reality is that today many homeowners are moving towards new fireplaces that can be either gas powered or wood burning and do not require any electricity to operate.

Ashton Heating and Cooling sells fireplaces that use standing pilot versus electronic ignition and are battery powered rather than using electricity.

These fireplaces not only provide 100 per cent usage, but they can also save homeowners money by not burning a pilot flame when not in use. This is the kind of innovative heating system that Ashton Heating and Cooling specializes in providing its customers.

We are a full service sales and maintenance company focused on home heating and cooling systems, as well as fireplaces and water heaters, an we can can install and maintain fireplaces for as long as you own them.

Regular maintenance of a fireplace is important. Not only does regular maintenance provide safety and peace of mind to homeowners, but it also helps to keep insects away and validates warranty coverage.

Having a safe and reliable fireplace also can lead to big savings on energy bills and heating bills during subzero winter months. Our technicians can do it all. We have the knowledge, training and skills needed to install a great fireplace and show homeowners how to use it to maximum effect.


Our customers say ...

"Pilot light in the fireplace of our two year old home was malfunctioning. Checked Homestars for reliable heating company in the neighbourhood and Bill Ashton at Ashton Heating came up in Oshawa.

The glowing reviews prompted us to call him. Bill actually answers his phone anytime you call him! He came over, took a look and said he would order the necessary parts.

To our surprise he advised us that he was able to get replacement parts under warranty even though it was over two year since we moved in.

Bill is reliable, down to earth and looks after his customers. We will be contacting Bill in the future for servicing our heating and air conditioning. Our pilot light is going strong."

— Homestars Customer Review
from Peter and Heather in Brooklin


Ashton Heating and Cooling has decades of experience with the installation, service, and maintenance of gas fireplaces, oil furnaces, gas furnaces, air conditioners, tankless hot water heaters, and more! We also provide duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, and gas fireplace cleaning. Ashton Heating and Cooling is a proud to offer industry-leading brands including Amana heating and cooling systems, Navien water heaters, Rinnai water heaters, and Continental fireplaces. Contact us for prompt, friendly, professional service including 24/7 emergency repair services to your door! We provide onsite service to all of Durham Region.


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