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Your home requires lots of regular maintenance to make sure that it's still in good condition. One of the most common things that people tend to forget to do is change their furnace filter.

Most types of one to three inch air filters need to be changed every 30 to 60 days. It's an easy thing to forget, but when you do, the air quality in your home and your furnace pay the price.

The air filter stops dirt, dust and pet hair from entering the furnace and being re-circulated throughout your home. Over time, the filter will become full and it will stop preventing the dust and hair from travelling through. This means that the quality of air in your home will decrease, which can trigger even mild allergies. As this debris travels through your furnace, it causes the parts to wear faster and can decrease the lifespan of your furnace by years.

A clean filter means cleaner air! If you suffer from mild to moderate allergies, you may consider upgrading to a higher quality air filter or changing it on a more regular basis. Ashton Heating and Cooling sells filters for most makes and models of furnaces, often cheaper than the big box stores.

If you are in a more remote area or in a less occupied home, such as a cottage, and there are fewer cars around, you may be able to get away with changing the filter annually. It's best to check it every three months to see how much dirt, dust and hair has accumulated on it.

In addition to changing your filter on a regular basis, yearly maintenance checks and cleanings can help to keep your furnace running smoothly for years to come.

Ashton Heating & Cooling offers yearly maintenance checks and furnace cleanings by their trained and experienced technicians. The checks can find issues that can be repaired more affordably if caught early and can prevent unexpected breakdowns. Don't be left in the cold!



Our customers say ...

"My ducts were incorrectly installed therefore were taking up a lot of head room in the basement.

Bill and his team replaced it all. It transformed the basement and the efficiency of my heating/cooling system.

Afterwards, they cleaned up so well, it was as if they were not there.

Other people viewed their work and commented on how well it was done.

I would definitely recommend them to others."

— Homestars Customer Review
from Koryn Marshall from Ajax

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