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Have you ever had a group of hungry guests waiting to taste your amazing barbeque only to run out of propane with a grill full of food?

There is an easy solution to the problem plaguing backyards everywhere: Make the switch to natural gas! When you have Ashton Heating and Cooling install a gas line from your home to your barbeque, you will never run out of fuel, lug grease-ridden tanks around in your vehicle or fiddle with reconnecting a propane tank again — especially if you grill in the winter.

Some critics of natural gas believe that it doesn't cook as "hot" as propane. This used to be true but with the advancements in technology, particularly infrared grills that get ridiculously hot with natural gas or propane, there really is not much difference between the two types of cooking gas.

Just bought a new propane barbeque? Don't worry, there are plenty of conversion kits available and we can help you with installation if needed.

With the tank gone, you also get an unexpected side benefit of extra storage space for utensils and other tools under your BBQ when using natural gas.

There is also the cost factor. Natural gas is cheaper to burn and while the savings won't be astronomical, it may mean the difference between eating steak or hot dogs several times over a summer.

So if you are ready to make the switch to natural gas, give Ashton Heating and Cooling a call. We will come to your home to make sure your gas line can be placed where you want it — don't worry, we haven't seen too many instances where we couldn't — and advise you on a price for installation.

Switch from a propane to natural gas barbeque by letting Ashton Heating and Cooling run a gas line to your grill.

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We will install a gas lines for barbeques and outdoor fireplaces and heaters. Call us to arrange a quote today.



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"They came the day we called to repair my furnace on the coldest day. The summer previous, Bill installed my bbq gas line and I would not trust anyone else to recommend the best furnace for my house.

They had the new furnace installed with in hours and they cleaned up the entire area removing excess materials. Ashton Heating and Cooling is my go to company."

— Homestars Customer Review
from Corrie Rowe in Oshawa

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