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Process of leak elimination

From preparation to pretesting your ductwork, all the way to handing you your Aeroseal certificate, this is how Ashton Heating and Cooling will seal your leaky ducts with Aeroseal ...

1. Prepare Your System

Ashton Heating and Cooling technicians begin by plugging your registers with foam. This forces the air in your duct work to escape through leaks. By forcing air to escape through leaks we are able to pretest your duct system and begin the duct sealing process.

A small access hole is cut into the supply or return and a temporary collar is attached. The air conditioning indoor coil, fan, and furnace are temporarily blocked with a foam plug to prevent sealant particles from entering this part of your system.

The next step of the process is to pretest and inject non-toxic sealant into your duct work. The pretest measures exactly how much duct leakage your system has in square inches or centimetres and also calculates just how much air is escaping through leaks in your duct work.

2. Pretest Your Ductwork

Once the system is properly prepped, our technicians will connect the Aeroseal machine to the duct work using lay flat tubing.

The Air Duct Diagnostic pretest will detect the exact amount of duct leakage in the duct system – the typical duct leakage detected in a home is between 30-40%.

Next, the non-toxic, aerosol sealant is injected into your duct system. As the sealant exits your ductwork through leaks it begins to collect on the edge of the hole until the leak is completely sealed. Aeroseal can seal leaks up to 1.5 centimetres or 5/8 of an inch.

3. Seal Your Ductwork

Small aerosol particles are injected and kept suspended in the airflow by continuous air movement.

The aerosol particles begin collecting on the edges of holes and cracks in your duct work and seal your leaky duct work from the inside.  This entire process is computer controlled where our technicians can monitor the results in real time showing you the effectiveness of the Aeroseal process. Ducts are sealed with only 1 to 2 oz. of sealant.

4. Review Your Results

A computer generated analysis summarizes your home’s duct leakage reduction providing you with verification of the success of the Aeroseal application.

Once the process is complete your certified Ashton Heating and Cooling technician will provide you with a printed certificate summarizing your results.

5. Enjoy Improved Home Comfort!

Now that you’ve had your ductwork sealed with Aeroseal you can expect to experience increased home comfort, improved indoor air quality, and lower energy bills!


Before Aeroseal

after Aeroseal

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