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It's very common to find homes with oil heating systems, especially in the Oshawa area. While these systems can reliably provide heat throughout the winter, the rising cost of oil has made them very expensive systems to run.

Natural gas is a much more affordable alternative to oil heating systems and is currently found in almost all newer homes.

Not only does an oil heating system cost more to run, but it can also affect the value of your home as potential homebuyers may be scared off by the prospect of paying skyrocketing oil costs.

That's why many people are making the switch from oil to natural gas. While it may seem like a huge undertaking, it's actually a relatively simple process for a licensed technician. At Ashton Heating & Cooling, we have converted hundreds of homes from oil to natural gas and we have the experienced and licensed gas fitters that can complete the job for you.

In most instances, converting an existing oil heating system to natural gas is done by installing a high-efficency natural gas unit. Once this is complete, a natural gas line is run to the furnace.

So is it a wise investment to make the switch? At current energy rates, the conversion costs will be covered within several years once the monthly fuel savings are factored in. Prices are always changing, but the cost of natural gas has remained far more stable than the volatile oil market.

When heating becomes more affordable, it also makes it easier to sell your home. Furnace equipment for natural gas is also less expensive than equipment for oil, so if you need to replace the furnace or parts down the road, it will be more affordable to do so.

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So is it a wise investment to make the switch from an oil furnace to a natural gas version?

At current energy rates, your conversion costs could be covered within the first few years once monthly fuel savings are accounted.

Prices are always changing, but the cost of natural gas has remained far more stable than the oil market. Need more convincing?

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