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Have you upgraded your home with a modern digital thermostat yet? If not, what are you waiting for? There are numerous benefits to upgrading your thermostat that will save you money while keeping you more comfortable and safer.

Did you know that older, dial-style thermostats contain mercury?

The dangers of mercury are well documented and the biggest advantage of using a digital thermostat is that they don't contain any of the potentially dangerous material.

If saving money on your utility bills is important, then digital thermostats can help. With the ability to program when the furnace and air conditioning units come on and off to match the times you are at home, your units will obviously work less.

Most thermostats now have the ability to allow you to control the heating and cooling of your home with your mobile phone, giving you even more control.

Many people use digital thermostats in this manner at their cottage, allowing them to have the proper temperature when they arrive for the weekend. It also monitors inside temperature and humidity right from your phone, allowing cottage owners to prevent burst pipes by adjusting the heat during extreme cold spells.

Industrial thermostat controls can trigger both hot and cold fan systems. This means a fan may start when heat from a welder or a hot-air rewiring station increases the temperature in the room. But a fan heater can also start, which will warm the room during cold periods. An industrial thermostat control ensures that a workroom never gets too hot to function, but also ensures that cold does not freeze vital pieces of equipment.

This kind of functionality is available through Ashton Heating and Cooling. We sell Ecobee, Honeywell and NEST brand thermostats.

We will even install ones purchased elsewhere.


Our customers say ...

"Replaced a thermostat, thinking it was my issue, furnace would not stay on or follow the program.

Quickly determined this wasn't the issue. I called Bill, who had worked on my pool heater earlier this year, and he was out to my home within a couple of hours.

He quickly determined it was a switch that required replacement and in short order had me up and heating again.

That all you can ask, quick courteous service, I highly recommend."

— Homestars Customer Review
from Clyde Haggart from Oshawa

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